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Learn about the scientific facts of kindness,

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Give talent a Second chance

A charm to meet ! A confident and motivated personality !! We see thousands of entrepreneurs doing wonders in the world of business ,changing lives, establishing empires. No business is small or big, but the very idea and will is everything we need.
But, we generally ignore the people, who successfully create a business in smaller areas despite lack of resources and training and yet are so active in their field !

And the best part is they are so creative and full of enthusiasm. Read the inspiring stories of such remarkable people in this section. 

Vijay- The laundry man

Online Motivational Sessions

Connect with Faizan Sheikh through live webinar every week . Get abreast with the killing strategies to succeed in life and learn the powerful secrets of happiness. Learn how to thrive in life amidst chaos, confusion, defeats and rejections. Learn & master the subject of life according to the latest developments and challenges.

Video Excerpts of "Kindness Freeze Mob" during a motivational workshop conducted at Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering , New Delhi
Community Empowerment Labs
      Faizan has inspired many Amazing Companies & Institutes across India

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Video Excerpts of "Kindness Freeze Mob" during a motivational workshop conducted at Guru gobind singh indraprashta university,new delhi

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